Dell Toughbook

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Dell Toughbook Dell Toughbook Dell Toughbook

Dell Toughbook

Dell Toughbook Laptop is innovative and designed with features which suit all business and individuals. This is a must for the present and future. Innovating and designing which makes Dell Toughbooks “The Best.”  

This is a replacement to desktop computers and built for people always on the move.

Why these machines are called Toughbooks? The answer is they are tough in looks and ready to work under any situation makes it very powerful. The processor makes multitask real fast.

One of the redesigned Toughbooks is Dell Latitude  E6520 and Dell’s E series
Toughbooks are just the thing for anyone needing a laptop that is both easy to tote around and able to stand up to severe and demanding work conditions and work while on the move.

This Toughbook is not only a rugged piece of equipment it looks cool enough for any occasion.  Its comely appearance hides the fact it has an armored bottom and top made with a very durable secret metal alloy.  The display back is made of a long lasting anodized aluminum piece.  It has heavy duty reinforced hinges plus an internal frame made of a magnesium concoction and topped off with a cool looking zinc alloy latch.

Don’t worry about spilling coffee or soft drinks on the Toughbook’s keyboard because it is spill proof.  This feature is provided by a 360 degree bumper and protective LCD seal that will keep the keyboard elements dry and safe.

Battery life is one of the most innovative features that make the optional backlit keyboard working in low-light.  The Lithium Ion battery functions like a charm with the exclusive “ExpressCharge” feature

You can do multiple tasks with its Intel Core processors i3 – i5 – i7 to choose from, up to 8GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1333 Mhz - 2 DIMMS, and Intel UMA or NVIDIA graphics. This makes it the best fastest machine to work and have fun.
There are many more things which make Dell Toughbooks different, one of them is multitouch display and 180 degree LCD movement. The Toughbooks come with good quality inbuilt microphones to communicate and inbuilt webcam for video conferencing with an outstanding antenna that always provides the best mobile broadband performance.

Worried about your data? Be rest assured about your data in Toughbooks, as it is secure with Dell’s Data Protection Encryption.

The best feature about protection is its Controlvault, access contactless smart card and fingerprint reader login access option.

I am sure those who looking for a good Toughbook, then it have to be Dell, because this is a machine that a person will have to accompany with all the time. So choose from one of the best models from Toughbook.

It’s tough, it is smart, it is thin and it is easy to carry and very easy to maintain this product. With its extra long battery life from 5 to 8 hours I am sure one does not need to worry about power outage due to its backup capacity while on the move. Just 7 minutes to get the battery recharged up to 80% within 7 minutes.

So if you think of a Toughbook, it must be Dell, no comparables. Because the best is always the best. This is the machine you have always wanted and waiting for its arrival. Just visit the online store or visit your nearest Dell store for a firsthand experience, I am sure you will be smiling all the way with a unique Toughbook.